What is Shraga?

Shraga is an independent magazine in Hebrew, published in Jerusalem. In each issue, Shraga chooses a theme, topic or event from the Israeli cultural/political scene, and deals with it from a fresh, humoristic and colorful perspective.
Shraga does not shy away from the most sensitive and controversial issues: Peace & War, Wealth & Poverty, Right & Left, Up & Down.
Each issue of Shraga is designed in a unique fashion, and includes several regular features - such as The Conspiracy Spot, The Critique Column, and the famous HaMeachora the Back Page.

The people behind Shraga are:

Dov Abramson, Designer and Co-Editor. Dov is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. He runs his own graphic design studio in Jerusalem, and his clients include The Jewish Reform Movement, The Avi Chai Foundation, and independent musicians such as Ofer Golany and Menny Philip.

Uri Gabbay, Chief Writer and Co-Editor. Uri has recently finished his doctorate in Assyriology at Hebrew University and Heidelberg University in Germany. His publications include the book The Babylonian Mythology (Co-written with Tamar Weiss), from the Mythology series published by Mapa. Uri finds his regular home in Jerusalem Tov"va.

How do I get Shraga?

You can order all 8 issues of Shraga magazine for only 40 NIS, or $10
This can be done in two ways:

1. Direct order by credit card, using PayPal. To order click here:

2. Write an email to order@shraga-online.com and we will get back to you to continue the process.

To see the pdf version of the issues click here
(sorry, people its all in Hebrew!)